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Dino-Lite digital microscopes provide a powerful, portable and feature rich solution to microscopic inspection at up to 500x magnification and 5M pixel resolution. High quality imaging and optics, feature rich software, advanced hardware features as well as world class support and warranty set the Dino-Lite range apart from lesser products. With over 70 models to choose from the Dino-Lite digital microscope and DinoEye microscope eyepiece camera range offers multiple connectivity options including USB models for PC or Mac and TV or VGA models for computerless operation. Specialist illumination options, numerous magnification and working distance configurations and a wide range of stands and accessories mean there is a Dino-Lite product solution to suit most applications and budgets from the home user through to the most demanding professional.


Educational equipment
 Product codeProduct namePrice
BL-ZW1backlight with polarization filter262.80 EURLisa ostukorvi
AM3113Tdigital microscope Dino-Lite Basic238.80 EURLisa ostukorvi
AM2111digital microscope Dino-Lite Basic111.00 EURLisa ostukorvi
AM4815ZTdigital microscope Dino-Lite EDGE850.80 EURLisa ostukorvi
AM7013MTdigital microscope Dino-Lite HR684.00 EURLisa ostukorvi
AM4113ZT4digital microscope Dino-Lite Premier418.80 EURLisa ostukorvi
AM4113TL-M40digital microscope Dino-Lite Premier418.80 EURLisa ostukorvi
AM4013MZTdigital microscope Dino-Lite Premier574.80 EURLisa ostukorvi
AM4113ZTdigital microscope Dino-Lite Pro406.80 EURLisa ostukorvi
AM4113Tdigital microscope Dino-Lite Pro328.80 EURLisa ostukorvi
AM4113TLdigital microscope Dino-Lite Pro376.80 EURLisa ostukorvi
AM4113T5digital microscope Dino-Lite Pro376.80 EURLisa ostukorvi
RK-10ADino-Lite Professional stand310.80 EURLisa ostukorvi
MS35BMetal stand for Dino-Lite microscopes118.80 EURLisa ostukorvi
MS34BMetal stand for Dino-Lite microscopes94.80 EURLisa ostukorvi
MS33WRound metal base Dino-Lite stand with flex arm58.80 EURLisa ostukorvi
AM4116TVGA microscope310.80 EURLisa ostukorvi
WF-10Wifi streamer for Dino-Lite microscopes298.80 EURLisa ostukorvi
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